Can you buy Man Utd tickets without being a member?

Being a member with Manchester United makes it a lot easier to buy tickets to see the Red Devils play at Old Trafford. But can you still buy tickets to see Manchester United play if you don’t have a membership? 

Can you buy Man Utd tickets without being a member? You can only buy Premier League tickets for Manchester United if you are a member. It is also incredibly difficult to buy Manchester United tickets for other competitions if you are not a member. This is due to the high demand on seats at Old Trafford for every match.

You need to be a registered and paid up member to buy Manchester United tickets to see the team play Premier League games at Old Trafford. However, you can buy tickets to other competitions if you do not have a membership. 

As well as playing in the Premier League, Manchester United will also play in the League Cup and FA Cup every season, as well as featuring in European competitions. Games in cup competitions are much easier to purchase, particularly when United are still in the early stages of a competition. 

In recent years, it has been easier for fans to purchase tickets to Europa League group-stage games, or the first few rounds of the FA Cup and the League Cup. This is because they are not closed to members. Tickets will go on general sale for cup competitions as well as European competitions. 

You also cannot buy Manchester United away tickets without a membership. When Manchester United play away games they will be given a ticket allowance. This will usually only be a few thousand tickets. This is really not much at all considering the massive demand for Manchester United tickets. 

So for away games, Manchester United only offer out their away allocation to membership holders or season ticket holders. In fact, it is mostly season ticket holders that buy away tickets, particularly for Premier League games. Applications for away tickets are accepted by Executive Club members, and then through the different levels of season ticket holders. 

You can still buy tickets to see Manchester United through the teams they are playing. It is a lot easier to buy a ticket from whoever Manchester United are playing because their demand will be less than for Manchester United for home games. But buying tickets to see Manchester United through their opposition’s website means you won’t be sat in the away end. 

How much is a Manchester United membership? 

Being a member with Manchester United means you can purchase home match tickets as well as European away match tickets. You cannot buy home Premier League games for Manchester United if you are not a member. 

A Manchester United membership varies in price from £20 to £65 depending on how old the person the membership is for and what kind of membership you buy. The cheapest membership is £20 per season, which is the Junior membership. This is the price for the 2023/24 season. 

The Lite membership is £35 per season and comes with exclusive home and European away tickets that do not go on general sale. The full membership is likely the most popular and has the same benefits as the Lite membership. But what it includes extra is an exclusive merchandise pack sent out at the start of every season. 

The Premium membership is the most expensive membership at Manchester United. It costs £65 for the 2023/24 season and comes with a premium merchandise pack sent out at the start of the season, as well as discounts on megastore and stadium tours. 

How does Manchester United membership work? 

Buying a membership with Manchester United is very important if you want to purchase home Premier League tickets or away tickets for European games. 

The way that Manchester United memberships work is that you pay a fee at the start of a season for the membership. For the 2023/24 season, a membership will vary between which membership you purchase. The cheapest membership is £20 while the most expensive is £65 for the 2023/24 season. 

Once you have paid that membership, you will get access to purchase Premier League home tickets for Manchester United. It also allows you to purchase tickets for Manchester United away European games. There is also a merchandise box sent out to membership holders at the start of every season. 

How many Manchester United membership holders are there? 

Manchester United are one of the biggest football clubs in the world. They have a huge fan base and that is shown by the number of memberships that Manchester United have. 

Manchester United have a record 330,000 members. This is the most recent figure and is for the 2022/23 season. This figure is also a world record, making it the largest membership programme in world sport, with Bayern Munich in second with 290,000 members.

The team announced this in December 2022 as they became the first football team to exceed 300,000 members. These members are spread between 167 countries, showing just how many people want to buy Manchester United tickets for the 2022/23 season. 

What is the cheapest season ticket for Manchester United? 

Being one of the biggest football teams in the world means that a season ticket to Manchester United is certainly not cheap. 

The cheapest season ticket for the 2022/23 season is £532 for an adult season ticket. This covers the 19 Premier League home games that the team will have, with other fixtures usually not being included in the season ticket. Manchester United have one of the more expensive cheapest season tickets. 

But the season ticket does make it easier if you want to buy tickets to away games. Manchester United season ticket prices change very often. 

What is the most expensive season ticket for Manchester United? 

The most expensive adult season ticket for Manchester United is £950. This is the seventh most expensive season ticket in the Premier League. This is simply the price for a standard adult season ticket. 

There are more expensive season tickets for Manchester United, but these will be for hospitality. 


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