Do Ticketmaster sell Man Utd tickets?

Ticketmaster is one of the biggest sellers of sports tickets around the world. Due to that, a lot of people have been wondering whether Ticketmaster sell tickets for Manchester United games. 

Do Ticketmaster sell Man Utd tickets? Ticketmaster only sells Manchester United tickets for preseason tours. At the time of writing, the only Manchester United tickets you can buy on Ticketmaster is to see them in San Diego on their 2023 Tour of the USA. 

Ticketmaster might sell thousands of tickets to different sports games around the world. It is one of the most popular ticket-selling sites in the world. However, you cannot buy tickets for Manchester United games through Ticketmaster. The only exception to this is the US tour that Manchester United will go on in the summer of 2023. 

The only way that you can buy Manchester United games is through the official Manchester United website, with Ticketmaster not being allowed to sell Manchester United tickets to games at Old Trafford. This could change in the future with the way that Ticketmaster are expanding. 

But for the moment, Ticketmaster does not sell Manchester United tickets because they don’t use any third-party sites to sell general tickets. The only third-party organisations that sell Manchester United tickets are the ones that combine them with hospitality packages and are authorised by Manchester United.

Where can I get tickets for Manchester United? 

The only legitimate and legal way to buy Manchester United tickets is through the Manchester United website or through one of the ticket partners that Manchester United have. 

For all games at Old Trafford, you can buy tickets on the Manchester United website as long as you are a member of the team. All tickets for Old Trafford games will be available for sale on the website. Premier League games are only available to be bought by Manchester United members. 

There are also four other partners that Manchester United use for tickets, which are their hospitality partners. These four sites are Champions Travel, Circuit Hospitality, P1 Travel and Travel Connection. While you can buy Manchester United tickets this way, these will be much more expensive as they are hospitality tickets. 

You cannot buy tickets for Manchester United games in any other way. If Manchester United are playing away from home then you can buy tickets from the website of the team they are playing against. However, these will not be for tickets in the away end, as these are only sold through Manchester United’s website. 

But selling Manchester United any other way not mentioned is illegal and that has been the case since the 1990s. No other third-party websites have legal access to sell Manchester United tickets. 

Does Stubhub sell Manchester United tickets? 

Stubhub does sell some Manchester United tickets but not general tickets. You cannot buy general seats for Old Trafford on Stubhub. However, through Stubhub you can purchase Premium Hospitality or VIP Packages. 

Stubhub has hospitality tickets for all Old Trafford games, but these will be much more expensive than the general tickets which you can purchase through the Manchester United website. 

So while StubHub does sell tickets to Manchester United games, they only sell hospitality packages or VIP tickets. 

What is ticket touting in the Premier League? 

If you have ever tried to purchase tickets to any Premier League team before then you might have heard the phrase ticket touting.

Ticket touting is selling tickets to Premier League games when you are not allowed to. In the UK it is illegal to sell, offer to sell or transfer tickets to Premier League games without the authorisation of the club. Very few sites have the right to sell Premier League tickets if they are a 3rd party. 

In the past, the historical version of ticket touting was people standing outside of Premier League stadiums, trying to sell tickets to matches on gameday. The people doing this would often sell the tickets to make a big profit, with fans turning up on the day of the game to purchase tickets. 

Previously this has just been done through physical tickets, but with technological advances, there is more ticket touting happening online now. Ticket touting is still an issue in the Premier League. One of the things that a lot of teams have done to crack down is that they only sell match tickets on their own website. 

Can anyone sell Premier League tickets? 

It is illegal to sell Premier League tickets if you do not have the authorisation of the club to do so. This is known as ticket touting and it has been illegal for the last 30 years. 

Even if you purchase the ticket yourself, you cannot sell that ticket on even if you cannot attend the game. In the past, people have bought Premier League tickets purely so that they could resell the tickets for a huge profit closer to the game. This is strictly forbidden and has been illegal for years. 

If you cannot attend the Premier League game which you have tickets for then you can transfer those tickets to someone else or you can attempt to return the tickets. But selling those tickets is still illegal even if you are selling them because you cannot attend the game. 

The only time that you can technically sell your Premier League ticket is if you are a season ticket holder. Some Premier League teams allow season ticket holders to sell tickets back to the club on a match-by-match basis. 

Can I give my Man Utd ticket to someone else? 

If you cannot attend a Manchester United game that you have a ticket to for any reason then you can give your ticket to someone else. However, it is not usually as simple as giving them a physical ticket. 

Due to technological advances, some Premier League teams need you to transfer the ticket online to a friend or family member. This person will likely also need to be registered with the club of the match ticket. 

In the process of giving your Man Utd ticket to someone else, no money can change hands or this counts as a sale. 


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