How much does Phil Parkinson make?

Phil Parkinson has the incredibly difficult job of trying to steer Wrexham to the EFL. He is under a lot of pressure considering the investment the new owners have poured into the club. So how is he compensated for this pressure? 

How much does Phil Parkinson make? It is estimated that Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson makes around £250,000 per year on his current contract. This figure is an estimate, with varying reports on exactly how much Phil Parkinson takes home. 

Wrexham showed that they had a bigger budget when they went out and got Phil Parkinson to be the team’s manager for the 2021/22 season onwards. Parkinson moved down to the Conference League despite previously being manager of Sunderland in League One. 

By the sounds of it, Phil Parkinson makes around £250,000 per year with his current contract with Wrexham. He was appointed on a 12-month contract with Wrexham in July 2021 and this was extended for the 2022/23 season. This would make him one of the highest-paid managers in England outside of the EFL. 

It shows that Wrexham’s new owners are determined to get to the football league having hired a manager who had a lot of experience managing in the English Football League. 

Who did Phil Parkinson manage before Wrexham? 

The last job that Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson had before he joined the Conference side was with Sunderland. Sunderland are actually a very big team in English football, but they have been relegated to League One after some difficult seasons. 

On the 17th of October 2019, Sunderland unveiled Phil Parkinson as the new manager of the team. He was tasked with trying to take Sunderland back to the Championship. He did have the team in a very good position, just one point off of fourth place with 12 games to go. However, the season was cut short and Sunderland missed out on the League One play-off. 

Sunderland were one of the favourites to make the playoffs when the season was cut short and so Parkinson did not get to the playoffs in his first season. They instead finished in eighth, two places behind Fleetwood Town who were the final team to reach the playoffs. 

Parkinson had gotten his team off to a brilliant start in the 2020/21 season. Sunderland went undefeated in their first six games, sitting in the playoff places after those first six games. However, things started to go wrong quite quickly. Sunderland would go winless in three games in a row. 

This was enough for Parkinson and Sunderland to part company. It was a tough choice considering he had won more games as Sunderland’s boss than he had lost. But Sunderland’s expectations were incredibly high and they wanted to get back to the Championship. Parkinson was not the man to do it. 

Paul Mullin salary 

Paul Mullin is the star man of the current Wrexham team. He moved to Wrexham despite having offers from clubs in League One and League Two. 

It is reported that Paul Mullin earns a salary of around £234,000 per year. This is because it is estimated that Mullin earns around £4,500 per week. This makes him one of the most expensive players outside of the English Football League. He showed that Wrexham spent a huge amount of money on excellent players. 

Mullin had a phenomenal season with Cambridge United and so he got some big offers from teams in League One and League Two. But he took the offer from Wrexham, likely because of the money that the team were able to offer to a player who should have been playing at a higher level. 

His salary is also around three times as much as the average player in the Conference. It shows how big the Wrexham budget is. 

Who is Wrexham FC’s best player? 

Wrexham have been able to recruit a lot of exceptional players since the club were taken over by Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. But it is pretty easy to decide who is the best player from the choices. 

Paul Mullin is certainly still Wrexham FCs best player. The 28-year-old striker was signed on a free from Cambridge United in 2021 and has not stopped scoring goals since. At the time of writing Paul Mullin has scored 67 times in 83 appearances for Wrexham. This season he has been in incredible form. 

Mullin has scored 39 goals in just 44 appearances for Wrexham this season, including eight goals in five FA Cup games which helped Wrexham on their cup run. Wrexham’s centre forward was Wrexham’s Player of the Season in the 2021/22 season. 

But he wasn’t just getting recognition from Wrexham fans. Mullin was also the National League’s Golden Boot winner as well as Player of the Season last year. It is unlikely he will be the league’s top goal scorer this season, but he is still by far Wrexham’s best player and the team’s leader at the front. 

How much will Wrexham get from the FA Cup? 

Wrexham had an impressive run in the 2022/23 FA Cup. They were able to reach the Fourth Round thanks to three wins. In the third round, they were able to defeat Coventry City in the Third Round to become the only team outside of the EFL still in the FA Cup. 

Wrexham will get £105,000 for being a Fourth round proper loser. Wrexham were able to win their Third Round game but they were unable to get past Sheffield United in the Fourth Round. £105,000 Is still a huge amount of money for a team outside of the EFL and Wrexham will be very pleased with that money coming in. 

Not only that, but Wrexham will have also gotten more money from playing more home games. The Fourth Round game against Sheffield United at the Racecourse Ground drew over 9,900 people to the game and this would have brought in a lot of money. 

Wrexham would have also received TV money considering their Fourth Round game was shown on TV, as well as the replay the following week which Wrexham lost in Sheffield. 


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