Premier League 2023-24 Kit Manufacturers

The Premier League is the most lucrative football league in the world. In a sport that is at the forefront of sports fans’ minds globally, the Premier League leads the way. Football is big business and sports equipment manufacturers look to pay big money to be associated with the most popular teams.

Who are the Premier League kit manufacturers? Of the 20 Premier League teams in the 2023-24 season there are 8 different kit manufacturers. Umbro has 5 teams, Nike 4, Adidas 3, Castore 3, Macron 2 and Puma, Erreà and Hummel have 1 club each. The longest running partnership is Fulhams with Adidas which has been going since 2013. Chelsea have the biggest single contract at over £800 million with Nike, while Manchester United bring in the most per year The Manchester United contract with Adidas is estimated to net them £75 million per year.

All the contracts vary between clubs and manufacturers, with the most high profile clubs bringing in the most money and better terms. The fight for presence in the Premier League market is big business and as it becomes more and more dominant, even the lower Premier League teams will see the value of their contracts start to increase.

Premier League teams by kit manufacturer

We have created a table of each current Premier League team and their kit manufacturer for both this season and last season. Including details of how long they have continuously been partnered and when the current contract started and ends. Usually contracts will run season to season, so the year listed will be the year in which that Premier League season started. The years the contract ends will be the year the final Premier League season of the deal ends.

We have also estimated the contract value in total and how much this brakes down to per year.

Premier League Clubs by Kit Manufacturer 2023-24 season
TeamKit Manufacturer 2022-23Kit Manufacturer 2023-24Manufacturer SinceContract StartedContract EndsValue of contractPer Annum
Aston Villa FCCastoreCastore202220222024£8m£4m
Bournemouth AFCUmbroUmbro201720212026£7.5m£1.5m
Brighton & Hove AlbionNikeNike201420222024£5m£3m
Crystal PalaceMacronMacron202220222027£20m£4m
Everton FCHummelHummel202020232024£10m£10m
Liverpool FCNIkeNike202020202025£185m£37m
Luton TownUmbroUmbro202020202024£7.5m£1.88m
Manchester City FCPumaPuma201920192029£650m£65m
Manchester United FCAdidasAdidas201520152025£750m£75m
Newcastle UnitedCastoreCastore202120212024£15m£5m
Nottingham ForestMacronAdidas202320232028£8m£2m
Sheffield UnitedErreàErreà20222023TBCTBCTBC
Tottenham Hotspur FCNIkeNike201720182033£450m£30m
West Ham UnitedUmbroUmbro201520202025£25m£5m
Wolverhampton WanderersCastoreCastore202120212024£9m£3m

What Premier League teams have Nike Kit?

Nike is one of the biggest sports apparel manufacturers in the world. They are represented in a big way almost anywhere people watch or play sports. The English Premier League is no different. Nike produces the kits for 4 teams, that’s 20% of the league. They represent 3 of the classic big 6 in Tottenham, Liverpool and Chelsea that’s 50% of the biggest 6 clubs in the league. They also partner with Brighton who finished 6th in the 2022-23 season and look set to continue making waves.

While Brighton may be an up and coming club, their current value in the market is apparent from the average yearly value of contracts they hold with Nike when compared to Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool.

Liverpool FCNIke£37m
Tottenham Hotspur FCNIke£30m
Brighton & Hove AlbionNike£3m

What Premier League teams have Adidas Kit?

German brand Adidas partners with 3 Premier League teams. However they have 2 of the big ones on their books. Manchester United and Arsenal are two of the classic Premier League ‘Big 6’ and have huge fan bases around the world. Adidas association with them comes at a price, but is good value when it comes to market share, exposure and ultimately sales.

Manchester United FCAdidas£75,000,000

South London’s 2nd sons Fulham are the 3rd team partnered with Adidas and while their Premier League status is never secure year to year, they are currently enjoying a good run of form. They have been with Adidas since 2013 and look set to continue to benefit from the association with one of the biggest manufacturers in the world for years to come.

What Premier League teams have Umbro Kit?

Umbro covers the most Premier League teams of all the manufacturers. Taking on 25% of the league in the 5 clubs they partner with. However West Ham are the biggest side on their books.

West Ham UnitedUmbro£5,000,000
Luton TownUmbro£1,880,000
Bournemouth AFCUmbro£1,500,000

The rest of the Premier Leagues roster is filled out by 2 sides new to the Premier League for 2023-24 in Luton and Burnley. In addition Bournemouth  and Brentford. Outside of West Ham United it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see any of Umbro’s roster down in the Championship in the coming years.

Relegation is the main thing that can hurt the value of a Premier League side to a manufacturer. They lose prestige, eyeballs and global TV coverage and there are no guarantees when they will be able to return to “the promised land”. Signing a big money deal with a side likely to be relegated is a risk.

If we rank the Premier League by average annual return from their kit manufacturing contracts we see the power of the Premier League.

Manchester United FCAdidas£75,000,000
Manchester City FCPuma£65,000,000
Liverpool FCNike£37,000,000
Tottenham Hotspur FCNike£30,000,000
Everton FCHummel£10,000,000

From the top 7 teams only Manchester City have ever been relegated from the Premier League. They have won 5 of the last 6 titles and don’t look like they’ll be in danger of relegation anytime soon. The lowest ranked team is Everton and while they have never been relegated, they have flirted with it a fair few times and this is evidenced by the huge gap in contract value.

Newcastle United who are currently trying to exit their current Kit Manufacturing contract HAVE been relegated by have recently been taken over by powerful financial owners and reached the Champions League. Speaking of which…

What Premier League teams have a Castore Kit?

Castore have 3 Premier League teams who they provide the kit for. However they have been in hot water this season as Aston Villa in particular have complained about the quality of their kits, saying they do not wick away sweat and create a non-ideal look and feel while the teams are playing. In addition Newcastle United have pushed to end their contract early and signed a huge new deal with Adidas starting in the 2024-25 season. The 3rd team with Castore is Wolves, whose contract expires at the end of the current 2023-24 season. So it’s a good bet that by kick off in the 2024-25 season there will be no Castore kits remaining in the Premier League.

Newcastle UnitedCastore£5,000,000
Aston Villa FCCastore£4,000,000
Wolverhampton WanderersCastore£3,000,000

What Premier League teams have a new manufacturer for the 2023-24 season?

Nottingham Forest are the only Premier League side who started the 2023-24 season with a different kit manufacturer to the previous season. Forest ended their Partnership with Macron at the end of the 2022-23 season and signed a big deal with Adidas until 2028.

What Premier League teams’ manufacturer deals expire this season?

We may see more change ahead of next season, relegation aside, as 7 teams have their current kit manufacturing contracts expiring at the end of the 2023-24 season.

  • Luton Town
  • Brighton & Hove Albion
  • Everton FC
  • Aston Villa FC
  • Newcastle United
  • Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • Arsenal

Could all be free to sign deals with a new kit manufacturer ahead of the 2024-25 season.


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