What is Ben Fosters Wrexham Salary?

Yes Guys! Ben Foster has signed for Wrexham after Ryan Reynolds slid into his DM’s on Instagram (no seriously that’s how it happened). In recent months Ben Foster has been linked with a move to Newcastle United, how did Wrexham afford former England international Ben Foster? This may also make you wonder, what is Ben Fosters Wrexham Salary.

What is Ben Fosters Wrexham Salary? When news broke that Ben Foster had signed for Wrexham for the final 8 games of the National League Season rumours swirled about his salary. Anywhere from more than £6,000 a week to only being paid for travel and accommodation. The truth is somehwere in the middle. Foster has taken a small wage, but money is certainly not the main reason he signed for Wrexham.

“My wages? Little more than Peanuts really, pay for travel, if i need to stay in a hotel pay for that, other than that it’s not very much”

Ben Foster, The Fozcast March 2023

Why is Ben Foster, a 39 year old retired former international goalkeeper, playing for little more than travel and accommodation at National League Wrexham? In this article we take a look at how Wrexham are paying Ben Foster and how the wage compares to his previous salaries.

This clip from his Pod Cast – Fozcast – Will let you hear the man explain it in his own words.

Why has Ben Foster signed for Wrexham?

Ben Foster has previously played for Wrexham in 2005 where he played in goal seventeen times. Even wining the football league trophy in 2005. Foster was on loan from Stoke and after Fosters last stint at Wrexham he was signed by Manchester United (Fergusons son Darren played for Wrexham). Foster came to play for Wrexham this time round due to an injury to Rob Lainton. Rob Lainton was training and hurt his knee damaging some cartilage. With eight games left of the season, Phil Parkinson messaged Ben Foster and offered Foster the chance to sign for Wrexham.

As soon as Ben Foster signed for Wrexham and the signing was announced, Ryan Reynolds slid into Ben Fosters DMs to welcome him to the club. It is a great signing for Wrexham even though Ben Foster hasn’t trained for nine months he will be in some form of good fitness due to all the cycling he has done.

Ben Foster Wrexham Contract

Ben Foster played for the ultimate Premier League team in Manchester United. This in turn means that Ben Foster made a considerable amount of money. As Foster mentioned he owes Wrexham his career and therefore, he is happy to play the last eight games of the season for little more than travel and accommodation expenses. As we can see from the below infographic, the average National League Wage is £1,500 a week and Foster is probably earning at the low end of this.

Ben Foster earned a considerable amount of money in his career (and rightly so). His first season with Manchester United saw him on £6,000 per week. In Ben’s last six seasons as a footballer he made an accumulated £12.5 million. ts great to see Ben Foster give back to the club that helped him get the ultimate move.

In Ben’s last seasons as a footballer he set up the cycling GK YouTube Channel were he put a Go-pro in the goal for all the games. On his new channel the Fozcast he has already hinted he may be doing this again at Wrexham. For the National League club with the most exposure in history, the Level is about to go up again.


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