What is the Paul Mullin Wrexham Chant

Paul Mullin has become a cult hero in Wrexham and to anyone who watched Welcome to Wrexham. Known for his goal scoring abilities the Wrexham Fans love Paul Mulling. However, you maybe wondering, what do Wrexham fans chant on the terraces and What is the Wrexham Paul Mullin Chant?

We’ve got Mullin;
Super Paul Mullin;
I just don’t think you understand;
He plays in red and white;
He’s f*****g dynamite;
We’ve got super Paul Mullin

This chant is regularly made by Wrexham fans on the terraces. It is a show of appreciation to their start striker and also a little gloat to rival fans. If you want to hear the chant then it is the first chant on the below video.


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