Where can I watch the Kings League?

The beauty of the Kings League is that it isn’t hidden behind a paywall. You don’t need a premium sports subscription to watch it. Its ease of access is its main selling point to the sponsor partners who fund the league. The more eyeballs, the more the Kings League is worth.

Where can I watch the Kings League? The Kings League is available to stream on platforms such as Twitch, Twitter, Tik Tok and Youtube. The Kings League itself has channels dedicated to it on each platform, however its growing fanbase will often watch it through the live streams of the Teams Presidents, who all have huge followings on one or all of those channels themselves. We have provided some links below.

All the bonkers action from the fledgling Kings League that is taking Spanish football by storm is just a click away. Available for free on most popular streaming sites, Kings League is for everyone, as long as you’re fun enough to enjoy the madness!

Links to watch Kings League Football action

Below we have compiled a list of the official Kings League links for its main social media channels. You can watch the matches themselves, live or at your leisure, post action analysis, previews, draft day madness and all sorts of other Kings League content.

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Who are the Presidents of Kings League?

The team presidents of Kings League are mostly Spanish speaking social media and streaming celebrities. They have huge followings online and have helped propel the Kings League to immense popularity after just 1 season of action.

We have provided a full list of the current Kings League teams, coaches and presidents below.

Kings League Barcelona Teams & Presidents, Managers & Presidents
TeamManagerPresidentWhat is the President known for?
1K FCSpain José MoralesIker CasillasFormer Span & Real Madrid Goal Keeper
Aniquiladores FCArgentina Sergio VerdirameJuan GuarnizoColombian YouTuber, streamer, vlogger and rapper. He is the 10th most followed streamer on Twitch.
El BarrioSpain Juan ArroitaAdri ContrerasOne of the fastest growing content creator in Spain in the sports sector. His main creation platform is TikTok.
Jijantes FCSpain Pau MoralGerard RomeroBarcelona based Sports Reporter
KunisportsArgentina Martín PosseSergio AgüeroFormer Argentina & Man City striker
Los Troncos FCSpain Èric BartraJaume Cremades (Perxitaa)Twitch streamer, professional gamer, YouTuber and vlogger
PIO FCSpain Pol ComaSamantha Rivera (Rivers)Mexican YouTuber and Twitch streamer, She’s currently one of the fastest growing influencers on the platform.
Porcinos FCEquatorial Guinea JuvenalIbai LlanosWith over 12 million followers on Twitch Ibai is easily one of the most famous streamers. This Spanish streamer has at least 60,000 viewers per stream.
Rayo de BarcelonaSpain Efrén GuillénMartí Miràs (Spursito)Andorran streamer and YouTuber
Saiyans FCSpain Daniel RomoDavid Cánovas (TheGrefg)Spanish Twitch streamer. His channel is currently the seventh most-followed channel on the platform
Ultimate MóstolesSpain Álex MartínezMario Alonso (DjMaRiiO)Spanish Youtuber with more than 5 million subscribers
xBuyer TeamSpain Víctor GonzálezJavier (xBuyer) and Eric Ruiz (MiniBuyer)Prominent Spanish gaming YouTuber who dedicated his entire presence to football-related content.


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