Who has the most assists in football history?

An assist can often be more difficult to produce than a goal. The very best players in the history of football have been able to put their teammates into positions to score and have been able to build up the assists. 

Who has the most assists in football history? Lionel Messi is believed to be the player with the most assists in football history. He currently has 388 assists at the time of writing which is believed to be the most assists in football history. 

Saying exactly who has the most assists in football history is a difficult question to answer. The main reason why it is difficult is because assists have not always been calculated and it is difficult to find accurate stats on players before the 1990s. However, it is believed that Messi has the most assists in football history. 

So we have not produced a list of the most assists in football history.

The Argentinian wizard, Messi,  is known for his phenomenal all-round play and there are countless examples of his brilliance. But one of the things that is often forgotten about when it comes to Messi is his creativity. He has constantly been able to put his teammates in position to score and it is why Messi is believed to have the most assists in the history of football. 

That tally of 388 is still rising and Messi is putting up brilliant assist numbers with PSG, able to put Neymar and Kylian Mbappe into scoring positions with ease. There are players who are not far off Messi, with Cristiano Ronaldo thought to be second all-time in assists with 276 assists for club and country at the time of writing. 

Who assisted Messi the most? 

Lionel Messi has scored hundreds of goals in his club and country career. A lot of those goals have been set up by superstar players on the countless incredible teams that he has played for. There is however one man who has assisted Messi the most in his club and country career. 

Luis Suarez has assisted Messi the most in his Barcelona career with 39 in total. Suarez played with Messi for seven years when the two were together with Barcelona. Suarez and Messi were part of MSN which was the front three that took Barcelona to four league titles and a 2015 Champions League trophy. 

What made MSN special was that the front three would often create all of the attack themselves and would rarely need anyone else to help. Suarez was able to continuously create attacking opportunities which more often than not, Messi would finish. It is why Suarez has assisted Messi the most times. 

The other part of MSN is second on the list for most Messi assists, with former Barcelona winger Pedro in third with 17 assists. 

Who has the 2nd most assists in football history? 

At the time of writing it is believed that free agent Cristiano Ronaldo has the 2nd most assists in football history with 276 assists for club and country. It may come as a surprise to a lot of people that Ronaldo is second all-time in assists considering his goal-scoring prowess is what has made him one of the best players to play football. 

But Ronaldo has always been a good creator and gives his teammates chances wherever he plays. Throughout his time with Real Madrid, Ronaldo was known for scoring more than a goal per game, but he also had some brilliant stats creatively. Ronaldo had six seasons in

La Liga where he finished on double-digit assists including 17 in the league in 2014/15. 

Ronaldo has also been able to set up goals for some brilliant attackers. Through his time in Manchester Ronaldo played with Wayne Rooney, Dimitar Berbatov and Carlos Tevez. His time with Real Madrid brought a lot of assists, mainly thanks to the scoring of Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema. 

Who has the most assists In football history? 

At the time of writing, the man with the most assists in football history may surprise you. But it is actually Neymar who currently sits on 56 assists, one more than Lionel Messi who is on 55 assists. It may be surprising that Neymar is top of this list considering he is only 30 years old and usually a goal-scoring winger. 

But the role that Neymar plays for Brazil is very different to the one he plays for in whatever team side he is playing for. Neymar is a winger for PSG and played that same role for Barcelona. However, Neymar usually plays the number 10 role for Brazil, this has been his main role for the side over the last few years. 

However, Neymar initially began playing out wide for Brazil. His much bigger role with his national team means that Neymar is often the man who sets up the attack and it is how he has racked up so many assists for his country. 

Who assisted Ronaldo the most? 

Cristiano Ronaldo is a phenomenal goal-scoring player and he is one of the best players to play the game. Ronaldo has had some brilliant teammates who have helped him to score as many goals as he could. But there is only one man to have assisted Ronaldo the most and the answer won’t surprise you. 

Karim Benzema has assisted Ronaldo the most with 47 assists in total. The pair played together for Real Madrid for nine years, with both players joining Real Madrid in 2009. They were part of Real Madrid’s frontline through an incredibly successful period in the teams’ history. 

Most people will remember this team as being based on Ronaldo scoring, but he certainly had his help with that. One of the things that made Real Madrid really successful was Benzema moving out wide and Ronaldo dropping into the space that Benzema left when he moved from being a striker out wide. 

This space is how Ronaldo got a lot of his goals and Benzema was able to find Ronaldo 47 times to set him up to score. Gareth Bale, the other member of that talented front three, is second on the list with 32 assists. Former Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil is third with 31 assists. 


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