Who is the most famous Arsenal player?

Arsenal are one of the most iconic and historic football teams in England. They are a massive brand and have had countless exceptional players in the team’s history. 

Who is the most famous Arsenal player? Thierry Henry is likely the most famous Arsenal player of all time, having been truly one of the world’s best players during his time in North London. 

It is incredibly difficult to find a football fan who has never heard of Thierry Henry. The Frenchman is one of the most famous football players of all time and that is partly due to his time with Arsenal. 

Arsenal were in pole position to sign the Frenchman in 1999 when he became unhappy with Juventus. Arsenal benefitted from the fact that they had Henry’s former Monaco manager, Arsene Wenger, in charge. The Gunners signed Henry for an estimated fee of £11 million and he was immediately turned into a world-class striker. 

After a difficult start to his Premier League career, Henry really hit the ground running after those first few months, finishing his first season with 26 goals. He was the clubs’ top goal scorer in his second season and continued to excel moving forward. 

Henry would be the best striker in the Premier League in the early 2000s. He scored more than 23 goals in the Premier League in five straight seasons, as well as scoring 30 in the 2003-04 season when Arsenal went invincible. Henry would finish his time in London with 174 Premier League goals. 

He finished his time with Arsenal as the team’s leading goal scorer, a record that still holds today. He won a huge amount of team and player awards during his time with Arsenal. Henry is a two-time Premier League winner, two-time FA Cup winner, two-time FA Community Shield winner and was a Champions League runner-up in 2006. 

Individually, he finished in second in 2003 and won the European Golden Shoe two years in a row. He was Premier League Player of the Season in 2003-04 and again in 2005-06. He is now part of the Premier League Hall of Fame and finished with the most assists in the League in 2002-03, showing his versatility. 

Henry left Arsenal for Barcelona in 2007 and was part of a historic Barca team alongside Lionel Messi. But this was not the last time that Henry would play for Arsenal. During his stint with the New York Red Bulls, Henry signed a two-month loan deal to return to Arsenal, providing cover with players missing. 

At this point, he was 35 and way past his prime. But he still produced a historic moment, scoring the winner in the third round of the FA Cup against Sunderland which was his last goal for Arsenal and the only goal in his return to the team. 

Henry is famous not only for his exploits playing football but also for his coaching and punditry work. Henry has been the manager of Monaco and Montreal Impact. Currently, he is an assistant to the Belgian National team, the same role he took up in 2016 before his stints with Monaco and Montreal Impact. 

Henry has also done a lot of work covering football and has made cameo appearances in the film Entourage and the TV series Ted Lasso. Henry has had various lucrative sporting deals, notably with Reebok, Nike and Puma. He has also been involved in adverts for Pepsi, EA Sports FIFA, Beats and Gillette. 

Who is the most popular player in Arsenal? 

It is difficult to say exactly who is the fan’s favourite player at the moment with this arsenal team. Many would say that it is Bukayo Saka. The 21-year-old made his Arsenal debut back in 2018, playing in a variety of roles, including a stint at left back to cover for some injuries. 

Starting with the 2020-21 season, Saka has been a regular on the right wing for Arsenal despite still being extremely young. Over the last two seasons, Saka has been Arsenal’s Player of the Season and is considered one of the best young players in the Premier League.

Saka can easily go on to become an Arsenal legend, still performing at a high level in the 2022-23 season and key to England’s World Cup success. 

Arsenal fans are also currently loving how William Saliba has started his Arsenal career. Having signed the Frenchman in 2019, it was unclear whether Saliba was in Arsenal’s long-term plans after three loan moves, with the final one being a successful stint with Marseille. 

Coming into the season, Arsenal fans hoped Saliba would play a role this season, but he has looked like one of the best defenders in the league. Saliba is a rangy centre-back, showing his ability to cover attackers and make the crucial challenge. Saliba looks calm with the ball at his feet, with Arsenal building their attacks from the back well this season. 

Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Jesus are two Brazilians currently very popular with Arsenal fans, both being big contributors to the team’s excellent start to the 2022-23 season that sees them top the table at Christmas. 

Why is Arsenal so famous? 

Arsenal are seen as one of the most famous football clubs in England despite not being one of the most successful over the last 15 years. But there are plenty of reasons why the club is so famous. 

The team’s fame really stems from its incredible history, being one of the most successful teams in English history. They have won the top flight 13 times as well as 14 FA Cup trophies and two League cup trophies. 

This success brought Arsenal a large following, particularly as their success has gone on for a long time. They have won top-flight titles in seven different decades so they have fans from all different age groups. Arsenal are also located in North London, meaning they have a very large following of fans in London who support the team, helping to make them famous. 


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